JOHNOh, hi! My name is John Nugent. This is my website. There are others like it but this one is mine.

I’m a journalist based in London. That’s me with my hands in my pockets, there.

Some important things to know about me, since you’re asking:

  • I’m currently News Editor at Empire Magazine, the world’s best-selling movie magazine.
  • I’m a listed critic on Rotten Tomatoes if you like to hold tomato-based opinions.
  • I’ve also written words for The Guardian, The Skinny, Film4, Londonist, and many others.
  • I love films, as you’d expect from my job. But I also love music, games, cycling, travel, food, politics, the outdoors, and Oxford commas. And I love to write about all of the above.
  • You can read a few bits of my writing below, if you want. Some of it is probably even quite good!
  • I am open to commissions!
  • For Empire enquiries, it’s




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