“audaciously, bosom-heavingly, thrustingly, puckeringly, winsomely brilliant”

– Nell Frizzell

“a smart, opinionated piece of man candy”

– SheKnows.com

“this is surprisingly well-written”

– one of my very close ‘friends’

“Film expert”

– Klout.com

“you moron….get a new job…you don’t know what you are talking about!!!”

– irate Twilight fan in a comments section

“please send someone else on interviews because John Newgent [sic] just doesn’t sound like he’s a person”

– praise for my interviewing skills on the Empire Podcast

“If anybody else can point out a single instance in all of the films where Bond enunciates hatred for women, then please do. But you can’t. Absence of a thing never prevents clowns like Nugent from asserting it though.”

– someone who thinks James Bond isn’t a mysognist

“Maybe John (Yellow-Belly) Nugent may not be interested in defending his country from enemy invaders, but I can attest to the fact that Americans, no matter how divided and polarized we may be on political matters, will not tolerate such actions from any military force”

– an angry right-wing American who actually quite liked that Red Dawn remake

“Whatever happens, I am very proud of you”

– my mother

“what kind of comment do i have to make to make it on the testimonial page of your website”

– @felicitykate